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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Morning and all is well along Alligator Creek

I've been doing a lot of obits these last few days so I thought I'd better sweeten it up around here with some happy things. So, this morning Sonny is out in the screen porch running it down to his mom about everything from "bingo to food allowances, calories, getting his own room at a motel, something that's sixteen dollars a day (probably the motel room), roller derbys, how a man can't live like that, taking showers outside from a bucket, carrying water down from the neighbors, what if the pipe breaks?, living in a trailer, how you need water for the toilet, how when you flush it it needs to go out" and on and on.

Sonny's been coming and going a lot lately and I was getting worried that he might have a job or a girlfriend or something like that so today is very comforting that he spent the morning ranting in the screen porch although he did just say something about "going out there" and "work" so let's hope he's not talking about himself. I know. I'm weird but hey. Some things should stay the same, at least for now.

So, we're off to the beach for a walk. M. Lee is currently training to do a solo century, which is a long long long lonely bike ride, maybe eight hours or more in the saddle. I am impressed but it makes my back hurt thinking about it. I did go to the gym yesterday though. Anyway, yesterday he ground out 75 miles so today we are going for a cool down, in 90° heat. In fact, he just came to the sliding glass door of the screen porch and gave me "the look" so gotta go. Pardon me. No time to edit. This is a post n go.


Roy said...

So, let me get this. A "solo century" is like driving from Kansas City to Dallas. Only more difficult. Yikes. I'm in awe.
Glad Sonny is carrying on.

asha said...

Biking to Dallas would be like biking to hell. Anyway, a "century" is 100 miles but it would feel like biking to hell to bike 100 miles so yes, I guess you could say he's biking to hell, or I mean Texas. Same difference.

Roy said...

I don't think Hell has the humidity.

asha said...

Like they say, "If I owned Hell and Texas, I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell."