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Friday, June 27, 2014

Morning notes

Leo negotiating a mealtime compromise

We think it's hard keeping track of toddlers and getting our kids to finish a meal. Try being the parent of a fledgling. This morning I watched the Mockingbird parents feeding their kids. One of the babies landed on a frond in Frida's palm tree and waited while they rustled him up a little grub then, when he'd had enough, flew off. A minute later one of the parents came back with another squiggly goodie but the baby was gone. Imagine if our toddlers could do that to avoid eating their broccoli.

"Frank, just one more bite"

Also, all morning Sonny has been out on the screen porch ranting to his parents about how hot it is in Florida and it's only June, how he had a life in New York, ten years, how he learned all about being responsible during his forties, there, up north. His mom says something and he gets very animated about how he doesn't do anything illegal anymore but his deadbeat friends are cheating him out of a lot of money. I believe him.

Here's the thing. Sonny is a good guy at heart but his friends? I'm sure he's right. A rough lot. It's not his fault. He explains to her how, just recently, he went with some girl to help her rescue her drugged out friend and ended up getting "dragged into the middle of a situation".
"Then some guy walks up and threatens to put a bullet in my head", he says.
Also, he's upset because some strange guy just showed up on his Facebook page.
"I'm gonna erase the damn page. Everybody knows your business. People you don't even know. What's up with that? That's the most turmoil damn thing anybody could have made."
Pops is quiet but Sonny and his mom are deeply into it.
"Don't interrupt your Mother!"
"You're interrupting me."
"Can't I even talk?"
"My voice don't even matter around here, Mom! For years I've been telling you to drink that shit. You've been skinny for the last seven years but you only listen to Pam. You drink that and it's like an extra meal. It's like an extra meal throughout the day, but you only drink it when Pam tells you!"
When the conversation switches to Sonny's difficulty filling out rental contracts...
"It took 35 minutes just to fill out the damn form, then they wanted a credit card so I tore it up!" interrupts asking Sonny what he wants to eat.
"It all depends on what you want to do, Maw."
"You want pancakes with an egg?"
At this point, Pops mumbles something in a feeble voice and she yells,
"I'm not talking to you!"
Ok. Enough. The screen porch has reached sauna temperatures. BTW, if this sounds a little.... mmmmmm..... snarky..... I don't really mean it to be. First off, I would be the pot calling the kettle black. If you're a regular here you know that, by nature, I'm a total deadbeat. I get Sonny. I am Sonny. And anyway, you know... I don't judge. I just report.

photo by asha
Lucky Pierre and me on the job


Roy said...

Ahh . . . Lucky Pierre. Bonjour, mon vieil ami! Life outside the basement agrees with you!

asha said...

Roy, mon vieil ami, bon de vous entendre! J'espère que vous êtes heureux et en santé. Merci de m'avoir sauvé de l'obscurité. La vie est belle ici au Théâtre Invisible. Bonne chance. À plus tard!