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Monday, July 14, 2014

Scenes from LA's Melrose and Fairfax Flea Market

July 14

My recap of our recent week in LA languishes.

Looking in on things.

It's not that that I'm trying to make it "literature".

Pink flamingos and palm trees 

Like M. Lee always says, "blog writing isn't writing".

"Don't you listen to him, honey!"

Of course, that's bullshit.

It's all good

But he's also right.

Man and man in the glass

Anyway, it's like I said, I'm still turning and tweeking photos

Flea market explorer with David and Marilyn

and not getting to the damn list of places we went.

The yellow-breasted Haggler
Habitat: flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops,
rummage sales and kool-aid stands

So here are a few from LA's Melrose and Fairfax Flea Market
for your amusement and to refresh the page.


Roy said...

Thanks for looking in! I'm here, typing away in a distinctly non-literary fashion. I note that in all but two pictures, L.A. is shown to have perfectly clear, cerulean skies, and not the pre-tornadic pea-green of Kansas City. Although, not to complain, we have clear skies now and are flirting with breaking some records for low temps this week.

Like the mirror shots.

asha said...

Glad to hear you're hard at it. I myself always take heart from the Infinite monkey theorem.

Glad you like the mirror shots. You're in luck. I lots more.

Roy said...


asha said...