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Thursday, August 7, 2014


Currently, we are wildly busy trailing after our five year-old granddaughter, Thea. She and my daughter Kristiana are staying with us here on Alligator Creek for the five weeks. It's wonderful. We spend a lot of time at the beach. We all love it and it's the best place to get the wiggles out. Thea adores the water, won't even come out long enough to eat her sandwich at lunchtime. She and Grandpa eat standing in the waves. I swear she's half fish and he's 3/4s kid. Ok. Gotta go.

Added later:

Unfortunately, these very special moments and days are tumbling by mostly unrecorded. I don't even get around to posting photos. I sit down at night, when there's finally a little time to write about the day, then suddenly wake up, disoriented, groggy, my laptop gone dark and me dreadfully tired. At that point all I can do is go to bed. I wish it were otherwise. I know I'll regret it but I just can't catch up with it.


Roy said...

Due to your reports of beach activities,and pictures from yourself and various members of your family, I have been made to remember what it felt like, as a kid, to stand in the ocean. First, in Hawaii, where I remember standing waist deep and so far out that all the people on the beach were just tiny figures--and later at the beach in Santa Cruz, (CA) where I remember standing in the ocean and getting knocked down, helplessly, by the irresistible surge of the surf. But rather than being scary, it somehow informed me of a benign world, and those became a couple of my favorite memories. So, thank you.

asha said...

You're welcome. Glad to oblige. :) We can all thank Ms. Thea. I love the ocean too. Moody and terrifying as it can be, still it casts irresistible spell over me.