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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Supermoon Boy

We were expecting him to be a couple of weeks late, like his brothers, but you know what they say about a rising tide floating all boats.

Leo, Frank and cousin Thea greeting him.

Plus, the night he was born, Frankie put his hand on his mom's belly and said "Baby out" and a few hours later, riding the waves stirred by the gigantic Harvest Super-moon, Baby Chance did just that.

Mom, Baby Chance and now big brother Frank

Frank was adamant about wearing his orange tshirt to the hospital the next morning to greet him.

He's beautiful.


Roy said...

He is. He looks very lunar, indeed. What little I know about astronomy and astrology, the Super Moon, being a full moon, would be in direct opposition to the sun, making SMB a Virgo, but one torn by opposing emotional influences. This will make him a great intellect with all the practice of figuring things out, and a good guy. I realize that astrology is often criticized for its vague ambiguity, so I add here that he will, for a time, live in Moon, Pennsylvania and drive a 1972 Dodge Dart which he won in a poker game. One of the tires won't match the others.
Not to seem irreverent. I celebrate the little guy and wish him loads of free will.

asha said...

Thanks. And now that SMB Chance has received the blessings of Uncle Grine all is well. :)

asha said...

PS. Oh, and I'm sure the parents will especially appreciate your generous bestowal of loads of free will. With three boys in the house there just can't be enough.

Roy said...

De nada. I figured, hey, better than a toy drum.

asha said...

Indeed. Especially as they already have so many drums and other splendid noise makers to amuse themselves with. After all, what good is anything without free will?

Roy said...

Exactly. Give a kid a toy drum, and he will make noise with it, but give him free will, he will make noise on everything.