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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A five-year-old's Christmas list

Christmas is coming so, of course, we asked the parents for gift lists for the grandkids. This is one of the ones we got back in reply:

"I opened this up to Miss Thea:

My own chapstick.
My own pack of gum that's my own, because I think I'm old enough now.
And that's it.

Are you sure? You don't want anything else?

Well, maybe some new tights because I don't have very many that fit me.
And popsicle sticks without popsicles.

For crafts?

Yes, for crafts.
And I really really really really really want a picture frame.

What for?

I just really need one.
Also, batteries for my camera
Art supplies, cause I just love to do art.
A necklace that is red with snowflake beads
Red socks with snowflakes
A pillow with polka-dots and stripes
Shoes with red and green flowers and blue snowflakes
A blue blanket with snowflakes
... Oh, and did I pronounce that I really want a blanket? Not just on the idea list, but I really want it for Christmas?


Did I pronounce the necklace already?


Okay then, that's it.  G'night."


Roy said...

That's sweet that she only wanted her own chapstick. You should go ahead and get her both the chapstick AND the gum!!

Spoil her.

OK seriously, get the popsicle sticks too.

But really seriously, I sure miss buying Christmas presents for five-year-olds.

asha said...

You're right. Spoil the kid. Last summer I gave her a pack of her very own gum brushes. Do you know the kind? They look like bottle brushes only they are for the gums. She loved it. They were in their own little plastic case that snapped shut. It was our thing, the gum brushes. I'll splurge this Christmas too. At least I can get the first things she thought of. Once she got going, it gets a little complicated, all those stripes and snowflakes, blue no less, and polka dots. But the blue snowflake blanket? Now that one sounds serious but I have a feeling it might be hard to find.

Everybody needs a five-year-old to buy a Christmas present for. I'll bet you can find one. :)