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Saturday, January 24, 2015

On the fly

Our time in Portland is quickly coming to an end.

   It has been utterly delightful spending time with the family.

We are totally under their spell,

the grandkids in particular.

They are growing up way too fast!

And yes. Swami is here. It's great to be reunited with him but more about that later. It's late and I've got to try to sleep.


Roy said...

Brio trains!!

Paula said...

Sweet little faces. :)

asha said...

Roy, is that what they are? I didn't know. The boys build amazing track systems for them and spend hours playing, complete with sweet sweet sound effects.

Paula, thanks. :-)

Roy said...

Yeah. I think so, due to the magnets connecting the cars. I have built many an elaborate, convoluted train system in my parenthood.

asha said...

Yes. Magnets. The boys play with the trains hours at a time.