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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Autumn Equinox 2015

Event Time in UTC, Time Zone

8:22 AM
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

That's 10:22 AM here in Croatia.

Once again, they are saying that tomorrow it's supposed to rain. In any case, it's nice today so have a good one.


Roy said...

Hang in. Weather Underground says Saturday through Wednesday will be beautiful in Split, and there will even be low humidity! Same here in Kansas City, as a matter of fact, though instead of the Adriatic Sea, we have Lake JaCoMo, (which is not an Indian name, but a typical linguistic, place-name amalgam of Jackson, County, and Missouri. Yee haw.)

asha said...

Sounds good to me and I finally got my sentences unscrambled. :) JaCoMo... ha! Proving, once again, the old axiom, all else fails abbreviate.

Roy said...

got my sentences unscrambled

I thought it was an IQ test! (And that I had flunked.) (Again.)

asha said...

IQ test! I hope not. I can't even write one complete sentence these days. Seems every time I post something lately, I leave out a word, scramble the order or duplicate myself. Damn.