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Friday, September 18, 2015

Worlds within worlds

Split, Croatia

Our first day here we walked from our apartment to the water and thought, small town. Got it! On our second day here we entered the old city, a maze of Roman, medieval and 19th century overlays. Okay, it's not huge but, if you take a lot of photos, stop to read all the plaques and get an ice cream cone... before you know it, you're deeply into the layers and layers of history wrapped within it's walls.

Ok. Day three. As usual, gotta go. Photos to follow


Roy said...

Ha. I looked up Split hoping to get a brief overview of its history. I feel sorry for the little Split school children. Their history class must be an ordeal. The place has a very checkered and exhaustingly convoluted (nay, Byzantine...) past!
What's the weather like right now?

asha said...

Yes. History here is definitely a boggle though the Roman emperor Diocletian, who basically put Split on the map, renounced the throne and came here to get away from it all.

Croatia's more recent history is definitely a headache. The country was part of what used to be Yugoslavia before the civil war. We were trying to get a handle on it the other day. The way it looks, only those born since the Bosnian war, Croatians 25 and under, are not scarred by the horrors of war though now the Syrians are seeking refuge here from their horrible war. I will say this, grim as the adults seem to be, they break into a big smile if we say even "hello" or "thank you" to them in Croatian.

As for the weather, it's Saturday and the rain hasn't come yet. Tomorrow, I guess. But it's hotter than hell and I'm kind of sick today. So it goes, eh? We did get to the market though so we've got food now in case it gets really bad tomorrow.