"When truth and compassion part ways, follow compassion." ~ Unknown

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Local news at 11:05, or if you prefer, 23:05

Barcelona street 01
Barcelona street

Moving on. Not that I have anything particular to say this evening. I'm just tired of looking at the last post. What did I do today? Mostly organized stuff, cleaned things. Printed out some notes I took this summer that I many eventually work into a poem. And I repaired a painting I did about 25 years ago. At some point it had picked up cardboard fuzz or something. Whatever it was I sponged it off with q-tips.

And I had a nice, long phone conversation with my daughter-in-law this afternoon. Seems Baby Chance is fully committed to walking now and, in fact, insisted on it during their mile+ forest hike today. By the time we see him in December I expect he'll be unstoppable. That'll be fun.


Roy said...

I read the imgur comments--I thought it was sort of funny, those poor people who ruined their own days but then, I imagine, blamed it on you.
BC is mobile now? That, as we know, is a mixed blessing. Mostly good. Especially for grandparents.

asha said...

Yeah. Some people got pretty steamed up and this is me working on being non-confrontational.

BC is indeed on his way and, as you point out, it's a terrifying blessing. Now there will be three, ages one, three and five, livin' large. But, I must say, the parents are very savvy. (Don't you love a word with two Vs in it?). They take a lot, and I mean a lot, of walks, out and out hikes and monkey bar scrambles.