“The road from appearance to reality is often very hard and long, and many people make only very poor travelers. We must forgive them when they stagger against us as if against a brick wall.” —Franz Kafka

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Tofurky Day

I posted this image on Imgur. If anything it will probably cause a shitstorm. Go figure. Anyway, Happy Gratitude day to everyone.

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Roy said...

The very term "tofurkey" sounds vaguely insulting, like something you might shout at Dick Cheney if you saw him across the street from you, and yet no better nor worse than "turkfu."
Faux Turkey?
Anyway, if you only offended Dick Cheney, I should say your work here is done.

asha said...

That's too easy. Set me a more difficult task, like finding common ground with Dick Cheney.

Roy said...

Today I am thankful I am surrounded by people with whom I share common ground! You just made me realize we might take that for granted.

asha said...