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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Local news at 2:11

It's snowing. That explains why so many birds dropped by for breakfast this morning. Even Plonk's pigeon brigade stopped in, including one very lovely, all white bird. Nobody is there now as I write this but I'm sure the quail are cozy under the very bushy twin lilacs. Anyway, it's not very cold but it is sticking and kind of pretty.


Roy said...

Nothing here so far, but in a couple of days, I see there is a slight chance of the dreaded "ice pellets." Don't like that one bit. I watch the critters carefully. They are not in maniacal scurry mode(MSM)as in other early winters. The squirrels are downright lackadaisical, something which I suppose they may come to regret.

asha said...

Feeding frenzy at the Bird Park this morning but the valley actually got a smattering of snow.