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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nexus farewell

We're in Concord for the weekend to participate in a memorial for Chrissy, M. Lee's sister. She passed away just before Christmas after an abrupt decline beginning in 2010. We didn't know what was happening at first but eventually it became clear that she was suffering from early onset dementia.

Today began with a more or less traditional religious service, followed by a luncheon for her friends and tonight a dinner with family and a few close friends. Chrissy's dear friend Patrick, too nervous to read his tender memorial during the church service, read it to us after dinner, on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. His words were sweet perfect closure and so it is done. Probably we will not see most of these people again. Chrissy drew us together and now we leave with our separate memories.


Roy said...

I'm sorry to hear about Lee's sister. Please pass on my condolences. I thought it was gratifying to see the people at my wife's visitation, and to watch strangers meet and talk about her. These traditions are very good for us, I think.

asha said...

Thank you. I will. And yes. I think they're good traditions too. It was really nice to see Chrissy's friends, most I did not know, but we all loved Chrissy so, together, we shared her company.