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Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to create a better password

This post is filed under the label "notes to self" so, if you're not interested in reading about creating better, stronger passwords.That is all.


Roy said...

I know I need to do this. But it's kind of like changing the batteries on the smoke detectors.

asha said...

That's exactly it. Currently there are two smoke detectors in our house that don't have batteries because they started beeping.

Roy said...

I blame it on the designers of the smoke alarms, who created a product that is annoying until it is disabled.

asha said...

I hate to say it but a good smoke alarm is a good smoke alarm. My kids should have smoke alarms in their houses, well maybe except in their kitchens because I always set them off when I'm cooking there, but otherwise they definitely should have smoke alarms all through their houses but we always manage to get the lemons that start chirping in the middle of the night.