Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 7 O'clock Magpie and Battlelines Drawn

Here's what's amazing. The 7 o'clock magpie showed up this morning at 7 o'clock. This is our first morning back after an absence of four months and she is still coming to the Bird Park at 7 am to check for peanuts. Yes, peanuts were waiting. Naturally, the first thing I did when we pulled in last night was fill the bird baths and feeders and put some peanuts on the table. Some hornets have colonized one of the empty feeders so they get to keep that one (I'll toss it when they move out this winter) but I filled the other three. That's enough for a start. Anyway, how 'bout that magpie?

That's the good news.

The bad news is that it just about took the jaws of life to jack myself back into my office this morning. The shelves are always crammed and bloated with stuff giving the room that WALLS_CLOSING_IN feel then last night I cluttered what precious little work space I do have with the things I brought in from the car... laptop, tablets, notebooks, various writing instruments, books, camera, sun glasses, phone etc. plus the different bags I carry everything in. And the tiny floor space has been reduced to a single channel connecting the door to my chair where I sit marooned in this flotsam of projects unfinished, current and yet to come. It's paralyzing. Must dig my way out. Must organize.

When we were driving across the country, anticipating this encounter and wooed by that special camaraderie born of the road, I invited M. Lee to help me gut my office and reorganize this winter. I may regret that. He is way too eager to help but I am already crushed by even the idea of tackling this. After all, the stuff is not to blame. It is my own self I must wrestle and tame, or at least cut a new deal with. As it stands, my mind has colonized my refuge from it. No one else can stand up to me but me.


someone said...

I think you should resolve to never ever ever organize that room.

And, I think Lee can take you.

Just sayin'.

Welcome home. come visit.

Roy said...

Welcome home. We have a couple of hummingbirds that visit and drink from our big red plastic flower. And my room, while probably not as chaotic as yours, is pulling at my psyche. Like, pulling it down with it into the black hole of procrastination and sloth. Only in my case there is a lawn mower down there.

asha said...

someone: As you may well guess, my resolve is slipping anyway. But as for Lee taking me? No way. No fucking way. He's been trying to do an intervention on my office for years. Kamakazi man. I'll fight to the death.

Roy, Lawnmower? That's good actually as you are the past world champion winner of the World's Worst Lawn.

Gotta get me a big red flower for the hummingbirds.

Kimberlee said...

I'm with someone. No offense to you my friend you've got spunk but he's got stealth and focus on his side head to head it would be a good showdown that's for sure, no rules, no referees!

asha said...

"no rules, no referees"

Indeed. He's a cunning bastard but I'm crazy. Do the math. Crazy wins or dies trying and doesn't notice it's lost so, either way, I win. Heh.

Bob said...

I grew up lazy and I leave clutter in my wake, peregrinating in my house. My sister the preacher is a slob like me. The rest of my siblings are neat freaks.

Roy said...

Crazy wins or dies trying

This makes you unassailable. No need to run away when reason flees!

Roy said...

Word Verification: incotato: a potato that has been mashed to the point of incoherency.

asha said...

incotato: potato mashed to the point of incoherency.

Mashed incoherent? :((((((

someone said...

Well, I'm not going into my whole treatise on sanity. Suffice it to say, until you eat the soles of your shoes to keep the radio transmitters quiet, I'm willing to keep you this side of the locked doors.

asha said...

Someone, DEAL! And I've got your back. babe! Thelma & Louise to the end. Woo-hoo!