Saturday, February 18, 2012


1:30 A.M.
Reluctantly the metal beast shudders up and above a sudden spill of sleepless iridescence, lagoons of gold, pockets of blaze, sprawling tendrils of light trailing off to coals glowing in the dark then a few scattered embers then they also vanish and there, traversing the interstellar night, the edge of our planet and her lovely moon who is, at the moment, gazing at her reflection on my window. Hello Moon. But before she can answer our reverie is interrupted by the arrival of the steward bearing peanuts.


I found this entry in one of my notebooks the other day. I wrote a while ago and totally forgot about it until now. Don't be surprised if it has changed if you happen to drop by and read it again later. That's how things go around here.


Roy said...

I like that. Very much takes me back to my last night flight. I've always liked to travel, but the abruptness of a take-off leaves no time to adjust to being gone.

Paula said...

I like it, too. There's always something so weird about being on a plane. Not that I've been for ages. :)

Justsomerandomguy001 said...

so goooooooooood it's painful. It tricked up a Stone's song and weirdly, I saw lava snaking (not a reference know)from a volcano.
Good poetry does it...doesn't tell you exactly what to see and think...shows you a way.