Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Visit

They've come and gone.

It was a great visit.

We did a little of a lot of things.

It wasn't enough time.

It never is.

That doesn't change.

No regrets.

The sweetness lingers.


Kristiana said...

It was a fantastic trip! xo

Roy said...

It looks like you had a real neat, very thorough visit! As grandchillins go, yours is very good. Way above average, it is quite obvious.

asha said...

K: Great visit! Can't wait to see you again!

R: Thea would agree. To quote her (speaking to her parents): "I am the expert here. You two are just ordinary people".

Mr. Donut said...

That was a remarkable photo essay. Mercy, I'm weepin' here. What's next, a freakin' comic?

asha said...

Mr. D.: err..ahhh...mmm...ya...pretty soon now.

someone said...

Aww. Sweet. When will you come here?

asha said...

June 1 for two weeks. See you then?

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