Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello and good-bye

The family visit went ALL TOO FAST! Misters Leo and Frank and parents are leaving today.

Leo munching a tasty
peanut butter sandwich at the beach

We had the best time. And damn it went fast! There were many firsts; swimming in the warm Gulf, taking the ferry, seeing a baby alligator, eating positively delicious mangoes from Mango Jacks...

Frank says NO to hats! He won.

...hearing grown-up alligators talk to each other during the heat of the day. I even got to see Mr. Frank brush his own teeth for the first time.


Paula said...

Mmm mangoes! I didn't know gators talked. Not sure I want that translated. :)

Glad you had a nice family visit.

asha said...

The boys loved them, and their parents. Everybody became instant mango lovers.

I didn't know gator's talked either. It was kind of a chirp. Not at all threatening. I never knew but we googled it later and found a vid of gators calling back and forth to each other and all agreed it was exactly what we heard.

But now they are gone and I a bereft. They grow up WAAAAAY too fast.

Roy said...

Sorry they had to go so fast. Next time you see them, they'll be a foot taller, each.